Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tony Hawks and Norman Wisdom

Hello, and welcome to my blog on music. Not just any music, the music tthat makes you shudder, clap your hands over your ears and wish for it to stop. This... is that music.

We're starting off with a heavy hitter in the person of Tony Hawks, who has had two hits in his lifetime, both of which were crimes against musicality.

Hit number one, from the 80's: Stutter Rap.

Okay, it's kind of funny. Is it insulting to people who stutter? Probably. But this gem is dwarfed but the sheer horribleness of our second entry, dubbed (by me) as possibly the worst song ever written. But then I'm just getting started.

Big in Albania by Norman Wisdom and Tony Hawks:

I'm truly very sorry to have shared that with you. Blame my friend Neil for sharing it with me. :)

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