Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Loco Mia

Hello, today's blog post wouldn't have been nearly as excellent without my sister Alex reminding me of the existence of this band...

The one, the only, Loco Mia.

At least they're the only glam fan-wielding Spanish disco pop band I know of.

Popular throughout the 80's and 90's, they've released six albums. Their last album came out in 2007. The pointy shoes... the ridiculously wide-shouldered spangly trenchcoat/toreador outfits... and are those turtlenecks?! I am especially impressed by the guy with the long hair, imagine waving a fan around, doing pseudo-rap and doing the dreamboat face while staring directly into an airstream! This live version is also definitely worth watching. Here again is the same song, with more birds, minibuses and crrrrazy special effects. Alex thinks the blonde one looks like Draco Malfoy.

Rumba Samba Mambo

These guys don't mess around. You can tell by the way they're putting on serious faces. But they should probably learn a bit more English. 1:36--"You can change my sex." Is it getting hot in here? 2:46--witness the power of bongo breaks to turn them into photographers! What? Once again, an amazing live version. Damn, and another one, this time with seriously sequined shirts, loads of screaming girls and a closeup of the shoes. Watch all the videos!

They also did a song praising Gorbachov and the introduction of capitalism to the Soviet Union. In some very low cut matching white outfits, I should add.


This last video saddens me because the fans are gone. But then I realized that the result is more, ridiculouser, arm movements! Yes, ridiculouser.

Loco Vox

I feel like I should say something witty at the end of this, but can't think of anything, so it's bad pun time. Wouldn't you say they're... fan-tastic? Eh? Eh?

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  1. Thanks for this. They are truly a remarkable group. A phenomenon.

    I have to say that the dreamboat-rapping-into-an-airstream is even more impressive when you consider that he appears to be generating the airstream himself...