Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Wanted

Hello all, as I have spent the last seven hours being an extra in a Bollywood film (which is definitely not called London Ishq), I don't have much energy to devote to this post. Sorry. But I thought I'd follow on from the last post to show you an example of the latest in a) bad music and b) the dreamboat face. These guys are the masters of the dreamboat face. I give you an ultimate example of why British pop is so bad... (you think Americans have no taste, and yet you still listen to boy bands over here.)

Whiny, young, and shallow: it's The Wanted.

Glad You Came

Hur hur, you said "came." Yeah, we get it. Check out those dreamboat faces. (actually they look a bit out of it. Are you okay?) Check out Ibiza. "I decided you'd look well on me"? Hot. So glad you'd like to use me (the me referring to the presumed audience of the song, and me being the one who's unfortunately listening to it right now, I'm going to self-centeredly assume that they're talking about me) as an adornment. Thanks. The song has a sickening sheen of fake romantic sentiment while blatantly being about just getting laid. And it advocates binge drinking ("hand you another drink, drink it if you can") if not getting someone drunk to fuck them. Woo.


Here they are comparing being on cheated to A WAR. Maybe they should go out to Afghanistan for a while and see how that makes them feel. Ooh look, a burning piano. Actually that's kind of cool.

Anyway this is kind of boring. Think I'll go to bed... Hope you don't feel like your time was wasted too much... and may you not get your tits stared at for four or so hours in the near future by someone who is sitting at a table next to you and whom you must act cheerful with because you are on set. *gnashes teeth*

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