Friday, 16 March 2012

More Star Trek

I think this will be the last of the Star Trek videos, at least for now. Apologies for my procrastination, you who eagerly await my updates. These are from Star Trek: Next Generation. Some of these videos may not have any actual connection to actual Star Trek, other than containing references to characters. But they amuse me, still. (Disclaimer: most of this is actually Patrick Stuart, who has quite a good singing voice, actually.)

We will start with an actual video from actual Star Trek, though.

Klingon Victory Song Bwa hahahaha. The look on the faces of the Vulcans...

More singing There's somebody singing who can't hold a tune to save their life... and I think it's Mr. LaForge. Go to about 1:00 for the song.

The Picard Video Just a very inept remix of Picard quotes.

Flauting Danger From the TNG Edit series of videos, which you should watch ALL OF.

This next one has Patrick Stewart in it, which is why I am including it before rushing out the door. Also Ray Charles, who makes the alphabet song sound better than I've ever heard it before. Sadly, Susan Sarandon can't sing to save her life. As Fergus said, I thought she sang in Rocky Horror?

Celebrities Sing The Alphabet Song

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