Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jan Terri

Jan Terri was born Jan Spagnolia, and things only got funnier from there.

She's opened for Marilyn Manson, presumably he thought she was funny. And it's true that the riffs in some of her songs are all right and even almost rocking. But god is it spoiled by her voice and lyrics. Oh, and the videos! The videos!

Losing You (spot the "No Parking" sign cameo)

Journey To Mars - "We'll show you places you've never been."

If You Want A Divorce - Pure poetry.

Get Down Goblin (Her tribute to Halloween)

Baby Blues - The actor who plays her boyfriend clearly doesn't have blue eyes. And definitely not ones "blue enough to fill a swimming pool."

Rock 'n' Roll Santa

I'm sure there are many more videos by her. I think I'm all watched out. Thanks Kat for introducing me!

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