Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Shaggs

Some people might think that this blog is a little bit mean. That makes me sad. I'm not trying to be mean, so that's why I've decided to change the subtitle of this blog from purely "bad music" to "strange and sometimes horrible music." I'm celebrating human eccentricity. Individuality isn't a bad thing! At least it's better than X-Factor. Though of course everyone has different tastes... For example, the band I'm showcasing today was once named by Frank Zappa as his number three best band of all time in a Norwegian newspaper, and better than the Beatles. (Then again, it was Frank Zappa.)

The Shaggs were three sisters whose grandmother had predicted several things to their father, including that the sisters would form a popular rock group. The other predictions came true, so he bought them instruments and gave them encouragement (plus a bit of coercion) to perform. Sadly, the guy who was supposed to make them thousands of copies of their only album, Philosophy of the World, ran away with the money and most of the copies. Still they performed until their father died of a heart attack. And they might have had some talent! (Might.)

Philosophy Of The World - profound. As one commenter says, "Dylan's words have nothing on the Shaggs."

My Pal Foot Foot - Their most famous song, and the one that I first saw when Neil introduced me to the Shaggs. :) Thanks Neil!

It's Halloween - Didn't Jan Terri cover this one?

Who Are Parents?

Shagg's Own Thing - A pretty disturbing family effort including brother and father (who sounds a bit like a character from Sesame Street).

You're Something Special To Me - sweet. :)

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