Friday, 1 July 2016

Brent Spiner sings, Brexit falls

More Star Trek music. And some Brexit music.

Brent Spiner - Here Comes Ol' Yellow Eyes

Since I've posted so many Star Trek figures doing some singing, I couldn't forget Data (Now that's I've seen all of The Next Generation, which is wonderful). It's... not the best album I've ever heard. But it's Data!

And now that we've all heard the depressing (yes, it's depressing) news about Brexit, and some people have experienced Regrexit (they should have Regrexit before they Wrexit), here's an old parody video to bring a wry, bitter smile to our lips.

Britain's Coming Home (Brexit Song)

and another extremely cheesy one from John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. This is what Americans think British people look like:

Buh. Anyway, forget about that. Here's more Data.

Data Raps (Dan Bull Star Trek remix)

I hope that made you feel a bit better.

Hang on, what the hell is this:

Picard Song and Dance

Oh, apparently it's just something they did while messing about on set. I love that show.

And thanks to the people at this California charter school website, who apparently have somehow been directing traffic to this blog? No idea.

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