Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy 2016! It only makes sense as we move forward into a new year that we take a trip back 40 years to my favourite decade, the 70s, and specifically 1976. Yeah all right. I'm going anyway. Why don't you come along?

Rick Dees - Disco Duck

This disturbing song about a man who turns into a waterfowl was actually popular for a while. None of these dancers on TOTP seem to be the singer, but here he is -- look how happy he is!

Captain & Tennille - Muskrat Love

Seems like 1976 was all about animals getting down. Hmm. Also seems like Henry Kissinger didn't know how to have fun. That's a surprise.

Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight

This one was made known to a modern audience by the movie Anchorman. More weird lovin' being celebrated, this time done by humans, in the afternoon. Also, the video is cut hilariously. Lots of side profile. I could do with less of it from the main singer. He ain't pretty.

Dory Previn - Children of Coincidence

Her voice makes this one for me... it's sort of slightly flat and swoopy, and she takes a breath in the middle of the word "Co - incidence." Some of her other songs include Did Jesus Have a Baby Sister and Obscene Phone Call

. The Carpenters - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

This song seems to be intended to call aliens down from space. It's a cover of the original which starts with a solid minute's recording of somebody walking through some grass.

Paul Nicholas - Grandma's Party

Not much to say about that one, except... was his outfit inspired by A Clockwork Orange?...

And finally, though I hate football, I live in Manchester now, so here's the audio of a song that somebody wrote for the Manchester United football team to sing, in 1976.

Have a good 2016, eat healthy, and get out to the countryside every once in a while.

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