Friday, 11 December 2015

It's Christmas again

Yes it is. So part of this post is about terrible Christmas music (or Xxxmas music) and part of it is about Lapland. Well, Finland, really, but I like to pretend that it was relevant.

This little album is called "Very Hairy Christmas," by someone calling himself Dr. Dreidel. You can listen to the first 30 seconds of each track for free. "Carol of the DMT Bells" might even be worth listening to, I don't know, I heard the first 30 seconds of it. The other tracks include titles like "'tis the Season (Dick N' Ballz)", "Rudolf the Real Hung Reindeer" and "Let It Grow." The album cover features presumably the artist having his butt sniffed by a reindeer.

I found this gem on the blog "The Worst Things for Sale," which features this t-shirt that makes you look like you have on a very low-cut Christmas cardigan, without having to actually wear one.

Let's turn to something completely different:

A Hero For The World -- Good King Wenceslas

The most epic version of a sweet old song about doing charitable deeds for the poor (it includes the moral!). The band is Swedish but lives in the Philippines. We're not quite in Lapland yet. But bless the Scandinavians and their unyielding love of metal. Here's more of their stuff.

A Hero For The World -- O Holy Night

Haha, he makes some funny faces. Wait til the second verse when he appears to be running out of breath.

A Hero For The World -- O Come All Ye Faithful

Nice hint of a "Jingle Bells" break there. Though you really should get rid of that mirror that seems to be behind the camera, it's got to be annoying to have it swinging back and forth and shining in your eyes.

In Finland, they have a dinosaur heavy metal band for children. It's called Hevisaurus. :)

Hevisaurus -- Juranoid

These "bloodthirsty warrior beasts" like nothing more than to eat cookies and stay in school. "We are not singing about fighting warriors and dragons, we are singing about warriors and dragons that are drinking milk or doing whatever is interesting for 2-7 year olds." Cute. Apparently they have tribute bands around the world!

Oh and look, they have at least one Christmas song!

Hevisaurus - TonttuheviƤ

Have a good holiday season. And check out the other Malbona Muziko Christmas post. It's got Star Wars and an inexplicable song from Tiny Tim about Santa having AIDS.

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