Friday, 13 September 2013

Voices of the Angels

This post is dedicated to those exhibitionists out there who really sincerely believe that they can sing, but who just need a little pat on the hand and some gentle but firm disillusionment. Bless 'em. Good for them for trying, I say.

John Daker - Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (and he's gonna do Amore too mmkay?)

Ok, this second one isn't a musical failure. Nor is it dance, though, so... we'll call it synchronized movement. I am however impressed by their perfectly spherical hair.

Stella and Ella - Silent Night

This guy... well, it's sweet, isn't it...? I bet he would be a real catch.

Music Video for Emily

Go tell it on a mountain: Henrietta and Merna can't sing.

Henrietta and Merna - Go Tell It On A Mountain

So many of these are from Christian productions... I suppose churches tend to a) have horrible music and b) want to share it with a wide audience. So maybe this is not so surprising.

Oh lordy. This man has taken me to depths that I never thought I would see:

? - Looking For A City

The next one actually made it fairly big in the US, thanks to some well-placed persons in the music industry who were impressed by Balsam's gifts. And you have to admit that they are substantial gifts.

Gloria Balsam - Fluffy

Last but not least, Florence Foster Jenkins actually made it all the way to Carnegie Hall! Apparently she often sang to packed auditorium, where people were so moved that they often fell to the floor with tears in their eyes. Despite these drastic effects, she soldiered on, her belief in her own talent unshakeable.

Florence Foster Jenkins - Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen

Her songs were (somewhat cruelly) released on records with names such as "Murder on the High C's." Here is another of her efforts:

Florence Foster Jenkins - Adele's Laughing Song

And another, if you crave more:

Florence Foster Jenkins - Biassy

"People may say I can't sing," Jenkins allegedly said, "but no one can ever say I didn't sing."

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