Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy whatever-day-it-is-today. *mutters*

Here's a bit more Alex Harvey, in case you hadn't gotten enough:

Alex Harvey - Just A Gigolo (Ain't Got Nobody)

...Singing "Just a Gigolo/Ain't Got Nobody"! Two of the best songs! I have already posted my favourite version by the Village People.

"Just a Gigolo" was originally a rather sad if romanticised tale of a former World War I French soldier who turns to prostituting himself (as Bing Crosby's version with the original intro illustrates--"If you admire me, hire me" is a great line). Marlene Dietrich sang it, and was also in a movie of the same name, featuring a young David Bowie getting royally smacked down. Ain't Got Nobody is also melancholy, probably a minstrel song originally. But together, they've become a light-hearted, comedy act. *shrugs*

Here's the guy who put them together, singing it in a duo with his wife who is supposed to be his straight man. Wife? straight man? Anyway, she scowls, sings backup, and occasionally manipulates his face for no reason:

Louis Prima - Just A Gigolo/Ain't Got Nobody

And David Lee Roth sings an amazing cheesetastic version:

David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo

And...what. No. It can't be! I'd... I'd forgotten! HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN about the GREATEST COLLABORATION IN THE HISTORY (*puts on caps lock*) OF RUSSO-FINNISH RELATIONS?! *and* they covered this song? I... can't deal with this.

I give you... The Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Army Choir!

Leningrad Cowboys & Russian Red Army Choir - Just A Gigolo/Ain't Got Nobody

We don't have a Soviet Union any more (at least not officially...) but there's still a Red Army Choir that tours. What a joy it is to see them all chanting "gigolo" while their dancers do the Russian Hokey-Pokey, fronted by the magnificent quiffs and pointy boots of Finland's premier cover band. *swoons*

Okay... okay. One final Valentine's parting shot and it's back to practicing the ukulele for me. If you really want more, there is a whole youtube playlist of versions of that song.

If you're in need of love advice tonight, look no further, because here it is, from an Italian fashion model who has appeared on hundreds of romance novel covers.

Fabio - About Romance

I hope this has put you in the mood.

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