Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hatsune Miku

Today's post is not about a person, but a Japanese computer-generated robot voice, vocaloid, or as Wikipedia says, a "singing synthesizer application with a humanoid persona." "Her" name is Hatsune Miku, and "she" is portrayed as a 16 year old girl with long teal hair. She "performs" at concerts in animated form. Though Yamaha dictated her general look, no personality was ever assigned to her, so it was left up to her fans to decide who she was... this has led her to be portrayed along a range from sweet-tempered everyday worker/student to a depressed, violent, probable semi-demon.

Hatsune Miku's Head Exercises

This is the first video I ever saw of her, posted by somebody somewhere (probably facebook) and it's amazing. If you're too impatient to wait, her "head exercises" turn out to consist of headbanging, punctuated by a clip of someone saying "White trash!" Oh yes, and a bit about Sherlock Holmes being a cyborg who can shoot lasers. You have to look closely for that one.

No Thank You

Here is a very sweet song about little everyday frustrations. Which, if they all happened to me at once, would make me want to throttle someone. But all she says is "No thank you, leave me alone," in the sweetest tone of voice imaginable.

Triple Baka (Triple Stupid)

More everyday frustration.

Let's Go To Heaven

Another sweet song. Not entirely sure what this one is about. Hopefully it's not about suicide pacts. That may seem like an odd thing for me to say, but read on...

Nocturnal Chicken March

Here's where it gets a bit stranger... apparently Hatsune Miku has a darker (but no less cheerful) side. This song has a good tune, but I have no idea what it's about. A chicken that gets plucked by God, apparently.

A Happy Death

Yeah, so this one is about a suicide pact. Catchy.

Hyperventilation Dance

"Let's stop being human and just dance." "Come on, come on, come on, breathe in..."
Oh, this one is about death, too. I missed that the first time around.

That Girl Is Not Afraid Of Me

A song for Halloween, about children who kill people and the ghosts who come back to get their revenge. From the composer's blog: "That's why it's bad for any good child to consider something like murder." Sensible advice.

Suicide Song

Here's a cheerful tune about someone who keeps trying to commit suicide only to find that, for example, there is no rope, or water to take pills with. Hooray!

When Crooks Laugh

Quite philosophical, actually, in a surreal way.

Breaking Things Into Pieces

"How much I wish to destroy your soul over and over again." I'm not sure if this one is Hatsune Miku, or another vocaloid personality. Who could resist that adorable voice?

There are many many many more songs, a lot of them enjoyable to listen to, and a lot of them really miserable or disturbing. I Don't Need Christmas is about hating Christmas, Stockholm Syndrome is about Stockholm Syndrome, An Idiot's Drug is about alcoholism, We, Kill Me is about obsessive love, Cockroaches might be about disliking people in general or just the grudges they carry, The Intense Song is, um, about being intense?, Corpse Attack, Banshee Strikes, Hateful Wonderland... Some of them I wish I could find a translation for. For example, God Slaying Machine or Tube Screamer.

Enjoy. EDIT: Having posted on facebook, a few more unmissable videos have come to light...

Po Pi Po Vegetable Dance

Hatsune Miku does "Der Hölle Rache" from Mozart's Magic Flute

Does anybody know of a cuter version of that hymn to revenge, the Queen of the Night's famous aria? I didn't think so. Here also is her version of "The Phantom of the Opera," kindly provided by Blayne. But of course that's not really opera. :)


Here she is singing a song in Finnish and holding a leek. Apparently she's associated with leeks because of this.

Hatsune (Hachune) Miku -Ievan Polkka

And according to the Wikipedia article, she's so popular that her image has been put on spacecraft. That is (probably) all.


...Ok. One more. I swear I'll leave the rest for another entry...

Good Miku vs. Bad Miku


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