Sunday, 8 April 2012


As promised, here are the impromptu--and more promptu--musicians of the other biggest party in the US. Unfortunately, this party doesn't seem as prone to embarrassing itself musically. President Obama, of course, has a voice like silk. But there are still unfortunate examples out there. In fact, of the other ones I could find, two of them are Clintons, and one of them is an elf. But he's an elf I like.

Hillary Clinton - The National Anthem

Oh dear.

Bill Clinton with Liel Kolet - Imagine

Doing a good job of smiling broadly to try to cover up that he's muttering along with words he clearly doesn't know. Oops.

To be fair, no matter what you think of his politics, Clinton does rock on the saxophone.

And Dennis Kucinich singing a line from "Sixteen Tons". (He's the elf, by the way. Though some suggest he is actually a leprechaun.)

But of course, we all know President Obama can sing. So here's all the videos of him singing.

"I'm... so in love with you." That's pretty hot.
Singing Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick and Al Green. Like a President.
"Lift every voice and sing." That's inspirational.
"Happy Birthday... to you." I guess every politician has to be filmed singing this song at some point.
A kicking ass so... Oh sorry, that's just autotuned.
"Na na na nanana na... Hey Jude."

Oh, and speaking of Paul McCartney, I hate Paul McCartney. Mostly because of this song, which he wrote and performed after 9/11, when the US decided it had to go to war with Afghanistan to protect its freedoms:


Oh, and here's a few Republicans I forgot to include in my last entry about Republicans. It's just true that there are a lot more amusing Republican videos than Democrat ones... First, Herman Cain singing a somewhat less inspirational but more impressive version of "Imagine," with customized pizza-related lyrics:

Herman Cain - Imagine There's No Pizza

And here's the takeoff version.

John McCain singing on The View...

Finally, Abraham Lincoln. Or should I say Baberaham Lincoln.

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