Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Village People

I know what you're thinking. The Village people were great. Everything they did was perfect--surely they could do no wrong.


Well, you'll just have to read further then, won't you. I'm not going to read it for you. Jeez.

The first one, which happens to be the last video they ever recorded, is probably the best one. Sadly, embedding has been disabled by request. You'll have to click on over to Youtube and probably endure a few seconds of advertising, sorry. Thanks to Neil for introducing me once again to something wonderful and terrible to behold. Neil is truly a fount of bad music wisdom.

Sex Over The Phone. So hot right now.

Damnation! Ye seconde onee, whiche be alsoe fabulouse, cannote be showne excepte it bee withe a linke. So here it is: Do You Wanna Spend The Night.

Hooray! An embeddable video!:

Milk Shake

Promotion of dairy products? Or promotion of...something else? (think Kelis.) I think we aaaaall know which one I'm insinuating it is.

Lastly, but not leastly, I'd like to post a song that features a lot of exuberant freestyle dancing and generally is quite silly. Though the song is about being a male prostitute. I like it:

Just A Gigolo.

Embedding, again, disabled by request. These people are no fun.

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