Sunday, 19 August 2012


Luv' (and yes, there's an apostrophe there for some reason) was a Dutch girl group in the late '70s and earl '80s. I think you'll quickly see why they were popular:

Ooh, Yes I Do

Yes, it was their talent and the quality of their songwriting. It was definitely not those outfits. I hope it wasn't those outfits. They look like they're channeling Roman Centurions in a vague but glittery way. That dress would not protect you in a fight against anyone. Though to be fair, you might still be able to conquer most of the known world. But the sleeves are... sort of Medieval? And the boots are horrendous. And the shiny, shiny lips and teeth... shudder.

My favourite bit is where it sounds like they're saying "Fancy dogging?" in the first line. The wolf whistle sound effects are pretty good, too.

Trojan Horse

This one is actually kind of catchy. And the outfits are better. But the words are hilarious. For example: "You came onto the floor, like a Trojan Horse." I'm picturing a huge lumbering thing with wheels on it. Here are all the lyrics. Again with the marriage references! Apparently telling someone you were going to get married was "moving a little fast" in Holland in the '70s.

My Number One

This one includes both incredibly short majorette uniforms and, for some reason, little figures from a foozball table. At the end they start imitating puppets. Who is responsible for choreographing those hand movements? Are they serious?

You're The Greatest Lover

Too many! Too many bad videos! There's an entire playlist of them.

Watch. If you dare.

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